Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sparkle and Shine!

This may not be a big surprise, however, I will share the realization that being  a new "mommy" when the original mother is sitting up in heaven can be pretty hard sometimes.  

My son and I were on our way out for dinner together on "date night" a few weeks back. As we passed an old building, my son enthusiastically pointed to it and said, "I've been to that library." Surprised, I inquired further. "Really? With who?" "My birth mommy in heaven," he said very matter-of-fact.

As the wind was slightly knocked out of me, I smiled and fought back the tears. I mean, he was 5 when she passed. Of course he remembers her the most. I realized God was writing this conversation, so I took his window of opportunity to let some fresh air flow into our bonding time. He smiled, when thinking back to those times. I filled in the blanks as a mom, and realized she must have taken him to those toddler events, as I did with my daughter.  

Then I shared further.  "Hey buddy, did you know that I knew your mommy?"
He lit up like a Christmas tree when I went on to explain our connection. I asked him if he remembered that she sold jewelry, and let him know I had a few parties for her.  Yes, I was very blessed to meet his diamond in the sky,  angelic mommy. There was a genuine sparkle and joy that followed Mary when she entered a room, and those who met her, or had the opportunity to do life with her, know exactly what I mean. Mary Holm was a gem. 

We were introduced by a dear friend who asked me to help Mary by hosting a party for her. I'm so thankful to have said Yes!  In addition to become a regular hostess for Mary, we became Facebook connected too. I will never forget the call she made to me in March, 2013. She had been aggressively fighting breast cancer, and we had all thought she beat it. On March 20th, she sweetly referred me to a dear friend of hers, who would be helping me with my future jewlery orders.  Mary inspired me with her strength, when she said that she was done fighting with chemo. That she was going to make the best of her time left. She also said (as I wept) that she believed in miracles and trusted that God would use her life to help others. She is, and forever will be a testimonial of courage, grace, and light.  

As many know, she elevated to heaven a few weeks later.  Not fair and not our plan. Only God could have orchestrated a way for her husband and I to meet and become friends, and very soon after that... my husband. (that's an entirely different blog) "Divine Meetings" explains that story. 

Can I share an honest reality? Good. Please don't judge me when I say this, but as much as I adored Mary...sometimes I'm envious of her. I have no idea what their marriage was like, but it's hard to follow in the steps of an amazing woman. It's embarrassing to admit.  I mean here I am, breathing and alive. Making mistakes as a mom and a wife.  And yet, her life here on earth ended entirely too soon. How selfish of me, to compare myself to such a beautiful soul. I can only imagine that she may have felt similar feelings, as she was saying her good-byes...wondering who would fill the roles she created? Nobody can replace Mary. I cannot be their birth mom.  I can only be who God designed me to be. Their "new" and curent mommy.

A few weeks ago, (AFTER my son and I had the chat about his two mommies meeting)  I was invited to a Premier Jewelry, home based party. I didn't really want to go, but I wanted to support my friend, and so I did. While watching this enthusiastic, captivating jeweler create an energetic and fun night, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me: He said, "Never say Never Nikki." It's time to say Yes.  

 By the is the following post was the day she went "home" to heaven...

It was put on my heart to sell Premier Jewelry for 3 BIG reasons:

1.  To keep the spirit of Mary Holm alive in our life! Doing Premier will be a constant reminder to her children that their mommies met through the love of all things that sparkle, and although we are different women, we have many commonalities too. I want them to remember heavenly mommy, and know that our meeting was clearly part of a divine plan. 

2. I love helping people!  By sharing Premier Designs now....perhaps, when our shared daughters are old enough, they may decide to join the business that connected their two mothers together.

3. Because God told me to...And when I felt him tugging at my heart, He made it very clear that I would be selling Premier Designs. Thoughts of reviving her foundation were already swirling in my mind, yet this unforeseen calling now made perfect sense to me. The details will surely work themselves out. They always do. 

Mary was more than a stylist of accessories. She was an engineer. An artist. A mother. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A wife. And a child of the one true King. She was authentic. She is dancing up in heaven now, decked out in the most sparkling bling you could Imagine...And she loves it!!!

I feel my decision to sell Premier Designs will bring her and I closer in spirit. Closer in family.  Closer with God. I am not Mary.  I am Nikki.  I am a mother. A wife. A realtor. A blogger. And a child of the one TRUE king.  I am authentic.  I am hoping to make a difference in the lives of our children. Always with the loving memory of MY beautiful and honored Jewelry Lady: Mary Holm. 

Notice we are both wearing the classic Opulence necklace, which can be worn 5 + different ways... 

May her spirit and memory continue to sparkle and shine...God never wastes a hurt. Mary Holm has created a beautiful legacy of eternal love and selflessness. Her magnetic smile shines on in our hearts, thoughts, and memories.

The name of our Premier "Family" is "Legacy of Love!" 
RIP Mary Holm~ Forever in our hearts...


  1. So beautiful. What a wonderful way to honor her memory. Love you!

  2. I'm bawling... how sweet and incredibly special!! Love you sweet sweet sweet friend!!!!

    1. Love you too Christina! We are called to serve, and so we do....Right? Xoxoxo

  3. LOVE love love this! I had goosebumps the entire time as I read your thoughtful words. Your obedience to God and His plan is inspiring. XOXO

  4. Thank you!!! ...and just a week later, He is calling us to help a specific family! Praying her vision is fulfilled with an abundance of miracles!