Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Could Not Dodge THOSE Bullets

And I'm so devastated and sincerely sorry. What an awful play on words, right? Please allow me a moment to share to an innocent comment that resonated with me while I was networking last week. A kind, cool, and respected colleague congratulated me on "dodging a bullet" recently. I walked away thinking about her choice of words for a bit. It conjured up a very ugly scenario in my head, and filled my mind with curiosity, confusion, and gratitude. Clearly this is just a figure of speech, and perhaps she was right, in "that" context. However, I am so thankful to God that I have never literally had to dodge a bullet. I can't even imagine the panic, the fear, and the absolute horror that all the victims of such tragedies have had to endure. When these mass shootings occur, most of us get curious and paralyzed, while we watch the dramatic footage and heart-wrenching interviews unfold in utter disbelief.  

My heart truly aches and breaks for Orlando. For the fear and hatred that radical, crazy people cause in our world. My heart aches for the young, talented singer who was also killed by a crazed fan. For the people who will make extreme decisions and judgements based on the acts of a few mentally disturbed or evil people. My heart aches for our media. For our corrupt government. And all the division they try to create, simply to increase ratings or fulfill a political agenda. Innocent lives have been lost. And for this? My heart is pounding with aches and pains.

My heart breaks for all the people who were directly affected by this mass shooting, as well as the countless other tragedies I've become aware of throughout my life. My heart breaks for those who are currently suffering from the aftermath of those senseless bloodbaths. For the family and friends of the countless victims. Nobody should have to endure that type of terror and pain. My heart aches. And breaks to a feeling of complete brokenness, when I really stop and think about where we are as a civilization. (Ironic, right? We should be "civil" and kind to all)  Many bad things have happened in history, and will continue to happen, which are mostly, outside of our control. We must be intentional about focusing on the positives. 

"I" must be the safe haven and protective shelter for my children, as they are too young to comprehend what this means for their futures. Tonight I was led to stop, put my phone away, and just cuddle with my children. I needed to hold them a little tighter tonight. It felt so good.

In reality? Senseless killings have been happening since the beginning of time. Hurt people hurt people and when they want to "hurt people" they find a way to do so. Radical gun laws will not stop the depraved from finding a way. In the same respect, "making drugs illegal" has never stopped broken humans from buying and consuming those substance, then spiraling down to the depths of addiction and self-destruction.

Finally, I must share with you all, that I watched a segment of a young, shaken up man who survived this tragedy. Towards the end, he admitted to not being "religious" but was emphatic about asking for prayers. He said, we all need love. We all want those prayers. We NEED them. My response to this man, is you do not need to be religious to believe, or have a relationship with God. And of course, we are praying for you! For ALL of you. I pray you find comfort. Healing. Peace. And your best friend... I will also be praying for a change of heart in all those lost and broken souls, who continue to focus on hating and dividing us as people, rather than accepting and loving all.

As a mother. And a woman who believes love (my Jesus) can truly conquer all...I will be vigilant about praying for all those who are hurting. I will also continue to pray for my children. My family. My friends... and for the state of this world. We need a major HEART change in this world we live in today. 

I am so blessed to have witnessed the healing powers of God, first hand. I am believing and trusting with my child-like faith, that God will continue to work his everyday miracles in the midst of this tragedy. For His word says, "And we know that in ALL things God works for those who love him, who have been called to his purpose." Romans 8:28


  1. Thank you Nikki for sharing this. We are praying for the victims in Orlando!