Sunday, October 30, 2016

Follow the Broken Road…


I love the whimsical fun of dressing up for Halloween!  Oh, and how the entire month of October gets hijacked by fall festivities and pumpkin-infused everything!  Society has made it completely acceptable to transform into anything or anyone we desire to be, and this reminds me of my youth…

As a little girl, I remember watching “The Wizard of Oz” time after time with my grandparents. The unforgettable songs and creepy characters, like the munchkins with kid voices and adult faces, or the wicked witch and her flying monkeys!  So intriguing as a child. 

What if we could transport ourselves to a place like Oz… "Somewhere Over The Rainbow?” What if…“troubles melted like lemon drops and dreams really DID come true?”  

Most of us have made our way to "Adulting City" after getting lost upon a few broken roads. I find this classic movie to be quite a relatable theme for most of us. When bad things happen, who can we trust? Is there any place better than home? As a strong-willed young lady, Dorothy thought the only way to "fix" her insecurities was through a powerful source, or her imaginary friends. She ended up discovering that her strengths lied within her all along, and that no matter how exciting the adventure, “home is always where the heart is.” And there’s no place like it! 

As I've grown into the woman I am today, I've come to realize that anything is possible if we believe! Thus our perception must be our reality. Right? Or is it? Our thoughts hold power. Here is a whimsical snapshot of how my imagination recreated “The Wizard of Oz” with a “reality” twist…

My widowed husband is our Tin Man.  A traditional soul who was happily married and lost the love of his life to breast cancer. His heart was left broken. He and his first wife shared many conversations that encouraged him to complete the family once he found love again. My husband is a man of little outward emotion, but deep down, he has a huge heart for making memories with his family. 

Our sweet son is the Scarecrow. He was five and left feeling broken when his beautiful mommy passed away. Confusion and anger were natural stages to navigate through after losing his loving mother. Today, he is a happy boy. Smart. Handsome. Energetic and disciplined. He loves Legos, Minecraft, and anything technology related. He is a great swimmer and loves his sisters. I’m in awe of how our most rebellious child is now our best listener, and follows great directions. 

"Dorothy" is our middle daughter.  Gorgeous, captivating eyes with a giggle that longs for acceptance. With a case of classic middle child syndrome, she is  always fighting for her place in our home. I remember the first time I met her, she greeted me at the door,  asking “Are you going to be my new mommy?" This question continued for months. Her trust was broken. No fault of anyone, just the collateral damage of cancer. Our beautiful introvert has acted out, simply aching for attention. Though now with time, she seems to be blossoming as she cartwheels her way around our hearts and home. Our lost and confused “Dorothy” has brains beneath her beauty. And side note: Her hugs can change the world. 

"Baby" is most certainly our lion with her wild mane of curly blonde hair.  She is small, yet fierce. Completely loving. And actually, very courageous. The only thing that seems to scare her is broccoli. Despite her affliction for the leafy green fractals, she devours them. One of my favorite phrases that she repeats multiple times a day is, "We have the best. family. ever."  Okay, so she may be our over the top schmoozer, but we eat it up. She melts our hearts. 

These four characters were on a quest to complete their family again. With the help of the "wizard" they traveled down a broken road for awhile. My stoic Tin man became captivated by a not-so-wicked-single-witch, (me) who may or may not have cast a Facebook spell on him. 

In this version, the wicked witch had a miracle daughter- Glinda the Good Witch. A magical gift from Oz, made up of sugar, spice, and all of my nice! A kind, theatrical girly-girl. She was born on a broken path too, and tends to live in her "bubble" forgetting at times, that the world doesn't revolve around just her. Normal though, since she was once an only child. On a lighter note, she is typically quick to defend and encourage her younger siblings, when mommy has a "wicked witchy" moment . She is a giver. A peace-maker, dramatic  and sensitive. It is not surprising that she received the character counts award for Kindness. Her old soul is full of innocent goodness. I know that "Oz" has big plans for her. 

So why would I assume the role of The Wicked Witch of The West?  Well, I did live on the  West coast of Florida. Oh, and my Italian cackle is quite loud and distinct. Yes, I became the wicked stepmom. I had thought my sweet “Dorothy” would be the easiest new child to connect with, yet she turned out to be the one who elicits most of my wicked meltdowns. In all transparency, I’ve had my share of frustrations while adjusting to my  lollipop guild. I imagined parenting my munchkins would be easier. Ha! Oh how thankful I am, to have the grace and guidance of God in my life. He makes our crooked paths straight. 

 I confess that my brown eyes (not face, thankfully) have often turned "green with envy" as I coveted certain aspects of other friends lives. Like the witch, I believed walking in another pair of shoes could literally change my life. The irony is, walking in the shoes of a deceased mother, comes with a ton of guilt and bittersweet feelings.  Oh how thankful I am to know God’s grace. Despite my flaws, I am called to teach and influence our “home” with two simple goals: 1. Love God   2. Love His people

Think about your life now. We all have our own roles to play in life. We are the main characters of our own stories. Each person and story is called to fulfill their purpose. In the end, I believe we all desire the same intangible gifts: Love and acceptance. We do life better together, and we crave healthy interactions and genuine relationships.

In my story I have wishes and beliefs…
I wish for acceptance and reconciliations. I believe it is the diversity in friendships, and unconditional love of families, that brings joy to people. 

I wish for peace and love! I believe living means loving. And loving means learning. We must be open to struggling, in order to be victorious. 

I wish for dreams to come true! I believe failures are just road blocks on our path to success. We must be willing to fail, and recover with grace. There are learning curves with new relationships  and endeavors. We should be encouraging each other to stay the course! 

I wish for eternal do-overs! I believe in forgiveness. Growth. Compassion. Kindness. Grace. 

 I believe the longer we skip along this journey, the more knowledge, love, and courage, we obtain.  Our self-confidence and authenticity comes from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz within us: God. At the end of the day, there truly is "No place like home.” 

I believe we all desire His eternal love...Why wouldn't we?  I challenge you to look up, and gaze upon his beautiful skies with child-like faith. For someday, we will all see Him…Just follow the "gold paved road"...Over His proverbial, dream-inspired rainbow!  


  1. I absolutely love your story!!! Such a sweet family I wish your family a lifetime of happiness!!!

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